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STRONGBOND 40 BONDED NYLON 69 (TEX-70) 16 oz. / 5.486m FS=6,000 Yards

Is a durable sewing thread made from high tenacity, pre-stabilised poly-amide 6.6 continuous filaments. It offers high seam strength, excellent abrasion resistance and outstanding tensile strength. Bonding improves the sewing performance at high speed and therefore increases machine efficiency.

Main Fields of Applications:

  Leather Clothing - Joining seams, decorative seams

  Upholstery & Furniture - Joining seams, decorative seams

  Suitcases - Joining seams, decorative seams

  Bags - Joining seams, decorative seams

  Parachutes - Belts, Joining seams

  Belts - (tension belts, lashing straps, safety belts)

  Diving suits


  Shoe Upper - Stitching and bracing seams, Bar-tack seams, Rear strap and cap seams, closing and toe cap seams, decorative seams, lining seams.



    The AMANN GROUP is one of the largest globally operating sewing thread producers, and is renowned throughout the industry for products of exceptionally high quality. Automotive areas of application usually place outstanding demands upon materials and processes, and require innovative and reliable components to help optimize customer efficiency. Our modern production facilities help us to develop and manufacture highly engineered sewing threads in close corporation with the automotive supplier industry. This is supported by our ability to fulfill the highest quality requirements in accordance with ISO/TS 16949. At our Colour Competence Centre, equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology, experienced specialist create individual designer's colour requests in full compliance with all compliance with all the critical standards our automotive industry demands e.g. speciific light & colour fastness requirements. Alongside this, a remarkable colour porfoliio is available to cover the most diverse requirements of all the major automotive manufactures.


Made in German


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