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Fairgate Designer's Fashion Kit (No Carrying Case)

No. 15-102 Fashion Designer's Kit:

F11-124 24" Curve Stick
F12-112 12" Modified Vary Form Curve
F12-124 24" Vary Form Curve
F14-102 12" x 2" Cuff Width Rule
F23-112 12" Center-Finding Rule
F50-124 14" x 24" Designer's L-Square
F50-147 Half-Size L-Square
14-500 Book: "A Guide to Patternmaking"


Fairgate curves are precision manufactured of rugged, yet light-weight aluminum that resists breaking. Even with daily use or under severe conditions, they will provide a life-time of service. Fairgate curves are essential tools for fashion designers and patternmakers. The Curve Stick is used to develope and draw lapel, elbow, skirt, trouser or any special contours. The Vary Form Curve draws a wide range of curves by simply turning. It is especially useful to the patternmaker in drawing arm holes, sleeve caps, necklines, collars and in adjusting waist and crotch fit of garments. Fairgate curves are also excellent for graphic artists, illustrators or others who need to draw or cut smooth, curved lines. The Vary Form Curve alone nearly replaces a full set of French curves.

Fairgate L-squares are essential instruments for fashion designers, picture framers, and artists. These sturdy aluminum tools will provide a lifetime of services, yet they are lightweight and easy to handle. Precision incrementation and clear, easy to read numerals help assure consistent, accurate results.

Three-piece set allows artists, designers, patternmakers, modelmakers, hobbyists, and others to draw a nearly infinite variety of curves quickly and easily. Crystal-clear plastic is ideal for use on lightboxes and with CAD equipment. Economical enough for students, accurate enough for professionals.

Fairgate rules and scales are manufactured from the highest quality hard, tempered aluminum to provide years of reliable service. These precision tools resist breaking and they are light for comfortable use and easy portability. Fairgate rules and scales meet the highest standards of accuracy and feature easy-to-read calibrations and smooth, true edges. All rules of 144" or less are of one-piece construction. Choose from a huge selection of over 350 stock items or let Fairgate's skilled technicians design and manufacture a custom rule to suit your specific needs.

Fairgate stainless steel rules are perfect measuring and ruling devices for home, school and office. Increments and numerals are precision-etched into the polished steel surface and filled with permanent black ink for long life and easy readability. The flexible tempered steel will not crimp or nick, making these rules ideal for use in the most demading situations such as job site work and cutting operations. The cork backing provides non-slip stability and gives the rule lift for smear- and bleed-free ruling with any type of pen. No sharp edges and rounded corners make Fairgate's steel rules safe for even the youngest users. Each rule has both English and metric calibrations and is carefully manufactured to Fairgate's exacting standards.

Fairgate manufactures quality T-squares in lengths from 12" to 96". All feature hard, tempered aluminum blades that ensure accuracy and long life. The blades are securely riveted to rugged, impact resistant Lexan heads. The result is a precision tool that is lightweight, yet tough enough for the rigors of daily use. Fairgate T-squares have clear, accurate calibrations on both blade and head. This unique feature allows simultaneous vertical and horizontal measuring. It's a great aid in cutting mats, drawing a series of evenly spaced parallel lines or any type of layout work. Fairgate offers both standard and heavy-duty T-squares with English or metric calibrations. All sizes and models are available with non-slip cork backing. From fashion designer to commercial artist to master carpenter, everyone whose job demands top quality tools will find Fairgate T-square to meet his or her needs.



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