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Skala 200 - U151

100% polyester - fine thread

This continuous polyester thread is ideal for blindstitching and felling and for overlocking seams in lightweight fabrics. It is semi-transparent which makes it highly compatible with other colours thus eliminating the need for frequent colour changes.


These threads are very fine semi-translucent sewing threads and are used mainly for neatening, blindstiching or as underthread.

G├╝termann's world famous range of blind stitching threads are bonded during special processing.  They are semi-translucent which in many cases eliminates the need for a large color range, even in the making up of fashion garments.

We do not carry all of the colors in stock.  Please call for availability.


Product Advantages Skala

  • Cost-savings through less colour change as a result of the semi transparency of the thread
  • No impression after ironing light clothes
  • Very good sewability
Article Make-up Article-No.

Skala 200

  • No./Tkt.200
  • tex15
  • dtex150(1)
10,000 m 705020
20,000 m 705039


G├╝termann Threads:

High-quality threads 
Wide color range
Variety of running lengths
Very fine semi-translucent sewing threads and are used mainly for neatering, blindstitching or as underthread.


Product Data

Raw material Polyester
Count No./Tkt. 200 - tex 15 - dtex 150(1)
Make-up 10,000 m 20,000 m
Carrier Kingspool Kingspool
Recommended Needle Size NM 60-65/8-9


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