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The Merrow 15CA sews a 3/8" - 1/2" flat crochet stitch on blanket and garment edges. It runs at speeds up to 1400 SPM, yet produces a stitch that rivals any sewn by hand in craftsmanship and uniformity. The 15CA is a single needle, single thread machine that sews at a standard 4 SPI, but can be adjusted to sew at a remarkable 10 SPI.

WHY it's better

The 15CA runs at nearly 1400 stitches per minute, yet sews a stitch of such distinction that it is sure to compliment even the highest quality blankets and garments. Like all Merrow machines, the 15CA is designed and built to last for decades, providing operators with thousands of hours of uninterrupted service.

HOW it's better

The 15CA is hand-built, and this craftsmanship shows in its stitch. Using Merrow's the latch hook system pioneered and perfected by Merrow, the 18E creates a flat crochet that replicates the hand sewn stitch.

WHERE it's used

The flagship crochet sewing machine from Merrow is used in large production facilities, small businesses and homes. It is often used to edge blankets, pillows, shawls, hats and mittens. With thousands of standard 'whip stitch' applications, the 18E is the machine to use for small to medium production of these applications.


Application:  Blankets and Garments
Standard Seam Width:  1/4" (6.35mm)
Seam Width Range:  3/16"-1/4" (4.7625mm-6.35mm)
Standard Stitch Eccentric:  5 SPI
Stitch Eccentric Range:  3-14 SPI
Standard Needle:  10H
Needle Range:  5,8
Latch Hooks:  #59
Thread/Yarn Size:  18-2 or 24-2
Number of Threads:  1 or 2 with supplemental
Speed:  1000-1400 SPI
Sold:  Complete Top Mount & Servo Motor.


Complete with New Table, Stand & Servo Motor.

  • Condition:Excellent Condition
  • Previously Used- Houston Serviced Area90 Days Service Warranty and One Year Parts at Your Location within our serviced area.
  • Previously Used- Outside Houston Serviced Area90 Days Service Warranty in shop only. We recommend that you send a sample of what you will be sewing on so we can fully test before shipping.
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