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Draws a wide range of curves by simply turning.  Used by a pattern maker to draw arm holes, sleeve caps, necklines, collars and in adjusting waist and crotch fit of garments.

Practically replaces a set of French curves.

  • Manufactured from the highest quality hard, tempered aluminum to provide years of reliable service.
  • Break resistant.
  • Extremely lightweight for comfortable use and easy portability.
  • Manufactured to meet the highest standards of accuracy.
  • Essential tools for fashion designers and patternmakers.


Sizes Available:

F12-112  12" x 0.040"; 8ths Calibrations  

F12-118  18" x 0.040"; 8ths Calibrations

F12-124  24" x 0.040"; 8ths Calibrations

F12-232  32cm x 0.040"; 1/2cm Calibrations

F12-248  48cm x 0.040"; 1/2cm Calibrations

F12-260  60cm x 0.040"; 1/2cm Calibrations

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